Nocturne is a dark mesmerizing fashion short film that I had the privilege to direct for the esteemed luxury streetwear brand ih nom uh nit. This cinematic piece delves into the nocturnal world of high fashion, weaving together elements of mystery, allure, and urban sophistication. Through captivating visuals and evocative storytelling, "Nocturne" transports viewers on a journey where agent zero must steal a top secret flash drive from a villain known as the Madam. Here, darkness meets elegance in a symphony of sartorial expression. With ih nom uh nit's signature aesthetic as our guide, this film pushes the boundaries of fashion filmmaking, immersing audiences in a realm where every frame is a cinematic work of art.

Cinematographer: Topher Osborn

Producer: Chaz Jordan, Lucretia Stinnette

Brand: ih nom uh nit

Watch the full film here

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