Sophistication meets surrealism with the i.am+ Buttons earbuds pre-launch campaign. In my creative direction, I crafted a narrative that tantalizes the senses, weaving together shadows and light to create an aura of mystery. Through sleek and enigmatic visuals, we invite the audience into a realm where music becomes an intimate, transformative experience. Each glance, each touch of the i.am+ Buttons earbuds promises a journey into the depths of sound, where allure and innovation converge in perfect harmony.

Director: Shadae Lamar Smith

Photographer: Sayoko Cox

Cinematographer: Dylan Chapgier and Judy Phu

Brand: i.am+

Fashion Meets Tech

At the core of the i.am+'s branding lies its dedication to blending fashion and technology seamlessly. This was achieved by eschewing the conventional visuals typical of tech branding and instead embracing the edginess often associated with high fashion.

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